RS-485 unidirectional data distributor/converter, RS-485 star wiring, RS-232 input converter to RS-485 output, 12 VDC (230VAC power supply provided)

ref. EDA 997 A

RS-485 unidirectional data distributor/converter

Application RS-485 star wiring for telemetry or DVR control, conversion of RS-232 input to RS-485 output
Dimensions (W x H x D) 482 x 44 x 99 mm, 19" 1 U
Power source 12 V DC / 4 W max., via included power supply 230 V AC
Signal input Manualy switchable: 1 x RS-485 simplex, screw terminal or 1 x RS-232 9-pin Sub-D
Signal output 8 x RS-485 simplex, screw terminal
Weight 1,1 kg
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