RACKS 14/18/24/32/42 U

ref. RACK 32U EN54 CAB

• These SSS Racks have been specially designed to meet the design require­ments imposed by Stand­ard EN 54–16: CEM, protec­tion index (IP 30), climate envir­on­ment (-5°C to +40°C), resist­ance to impacts (0.5 J ±0.04 J) and vibra­tions (0,5 gn)
• Designed to be very robust, they are equipped with honey­comb doors on the forward and rear sides and with remov­able side panels for compli­ance with access levels required by the Stand­ard
• The forward door is equipped with a handle and lock with dedic­ated key set
• The rear door is equipped with a lock with dedic­ated key set to also open the remov­able side panels
• These Racks are equipped with a ther­mo­stat, vent­il­at­ors, feet and casters as well as 4 cable holes at the rear (IP55) that will accom­mod­ate any type of cable
• Delivered wired and marked up, they feature termin­als for connec­tion to a DIN rail for speaker lines of up to 6 mm2. They come with circuit break­ers, fuses and connec­tion cables for the batter­ies and micro­phones

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 600 x 600 x 1620
Height + wheels 1695
Manual (disponibilité) =VLOOKUP(V1,[1]ENG!$D$2:$K$807,8,FALSE)
Number of fans 2
Number of units 32
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