Digital Voice Alarm Controller - Slave - 4 zones

ref. VAS 16S

• Each station can manage 4 Alarm Zones (40 in total for a 10-station VAS 16 system).
• 4 Music Inputs and 2 AUX inputs.
• 1 General Calling Console Input (MAGPL-D). Unlim­ited number of consoles, all in paral­lel.
• 1 Select­ive Calling Console Input (MAGPX 4). Unlim­ited number of consoles, all in paral­lel.
• 1 Select­ive Calling Console Input (MAG 80). maximum of 8 consoles (in paral­lel).
• 1 Safety Micro­phone Console Input (MAGS).
• 1 Safety Micro­phone Console Input (MAGS-FP).
• 1 Monitored message player capable of broad­cast­ing 4 evac­u­ation and pre-alert messages.
• 1 message player capable of broad­cast­ing 2 messages directly from an embed­ded SD card.
• 4 Normally Open Dry Contacts (1 for each Alarm Zone) to trig­ger evac­u­ation. This link is controlled from the station in open/short circuit and Groun­ded by scan­ning a resist­ance.
• 4 UGA (Alarm Manage­ment Units) inputs to trig­ger evac­u­ation over a voltage of 24V to 60vDC (via VAS-INT-UGA CARD).
• 4 × 0dB unbal­anced outputs on RCA connector (to amplifi er links).
• 1 × 0dB unbal­anced output on RCA connector (to backup amplifi er link).
• 16 × 100V line HP outputs (A/B).
• 1 general default synthesis output (D.C*) on each station.
• 1 × 220vAC and 24vDC power fail­ure signal output (D.C*).
• 1 event program­ming signal output (D.C*).
• 1 RS232 port for connec­tion to PC (system confi gura­tion).
• 1 RJ45 port to cascade the stations.
• 220vAC power supply.
• 24vDC power supply.
• Prior­ity level: Safety Mic 1 > Safety Mic 2 > Alarm1 > Alarm 2 > Alarm 3 > Alarm 4 > Aux 1 > Mess 1 > Select­ive call­ing consoles > Aux 2 > Mess 2 > Music 1 to 4.
• Settings (DSP): Volume of each source in each broad­cast zone, Master Volume for each broad­cast zone, Bass/Treble for each broad­cast zone.

100V line outputs 8 x dual 100V line outputs (A&B) on plug-in terminal block - Pmax = 800W on 100V line
Accessories (Optional) VAS I/O, VAS REL
Audio charateristcs DSP Function - Volume of each source in each zone - Bass/Treble correction for each zone
Audio inputs 4 x 0dB unbalanced inputs on RCA connector - 2 x 0dB AUX inputs on RCA switchable to Dry Contact
Audio outputs 5 x 0dB unbalanced outputs on RCA connector, including one for the backup amplifier
Bandwidth (Hz) 20 - 20000
Consumption 25VA
Defaut synthesis output One potential free relay Output on plug-in connector - 120VAC, 2A max
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 483 x 323 x 88 - 2U
Display LCD 2 lines with 20 characters
Distortion < 0,5%
Emergency control Alarm input 1 to 4: triggered on monitored dry contact in short/open circuit on plug-in connector in 4 alarm zones
Extension link CAT5 cable, RJ45 connector for link in the same shell
Humidity 5% to 95% RH
Microphone console link (MAGPL-D / MAGPX 4) -60dB balanced input with remote control on plug-in connector - Parrallele connection of the microphone station
Microphone console link MAG-80 0dB balanced input - RS485 link maximum distance 100m in 9/10ème, beyond this please contact us , Parallel connection of a maximum of 8 consoles - RJ45 connector
MP3 messages player 2 MP3 message player stored on SD card, triggered by dry contact on plug-in terminal block
Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C
Output to other devices Une sortie relais libre de tout potentiel sur connecteur débrochable active sur appel micro d'urgence ou évacuation 120V AC - 2A max
PC link Link to DB9 - RS232 protocol
Power failure Output One potential free relay Output on plug-in connector - 120VAC, 2A max
Power supply 230V AC - 50/60Hz - 24VDC
Safety console link (MAGS / MAGS-FP) 2 x -60dB controlled balanced inputs (capsule + remote controls
Signal / Noise > 85dB
Speaker line control frequency 22 KHz
Weight (Kg) 5
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