INTER-M : 240W amps-preamps, attenuators, 100V line or low imped­ance.

ref. PAM-520

• Rack-mount­ing ampli­fi­ers-preamp­li­fi­ers, atten­u­at­ors with a power of 240W, 100V line or low imped­ance.
• They are fitted with 4 preamp­li­fi­ers (MIC) includ­ing adjust­ment of bass/treble and a separ­ate adjust­ment of input level (micro­phone or line) as well as 2 line level preamp­li­fi­ers (LINE) includ­ing a bass/treble adjust­ment.
• A key located on the 4 inputs allows oper­a­tion of a Phantom power supply to connect an electret micro­phone on each input.
• MIC 1 input can have prior­ity by press­ing a key.
• These devices are also fitted with a prior­ity front-adjustable tele­phone inter­face input, 4-tone chime that can be oper­ated by remote control with a Mic station and a speaker line selector.
• Each speaker line has a 6-posi­tion atten­u­ator.
• PAM-MPM4 can be integ­rated upon request.
• PAM-510 and PAM-520 are provided with brack­ets.

Provided accessories

19" bracket provided

Accessories (Optional) RM-05, PAM-MPM4
Accessories (Provided) Equerres pour rack 19"
Bandwidth (Hz) 80 - 20000
Chime Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 482 x 132 x 398 - 3U
Equalizer +/-12dB - 100Hz / 10KHz
Input 1 to 4 MIC - 5 et 6 LINE - TEL IN - AMP IN
Output impedance 31V/4Ω - 5x55W 100V/200Ω
Output level / impedance PRE AMP OUT
Phantom IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4
Power 240W
Power source 240VAC - 50Hz
Priority IN1
Safety power source 24VDC
Signal / Noise > 65dB
THD < 0,5%
Weight (Kg) 19
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Available accessories (option)