Backup power supply - AES

ref. AES24V MS40

The EN 54–16 stand­ard, which now governs Sound Secur­ity Systems (SSS), refers to the EN 54–4 stand­ard accord­ing to which the differ­ent Power Supplies of our VAS System are certifi ed. Our two BPS models comply with several EC direct­ives: CPD (in compli­ance with EN 54–4/A2), LVD, EMC,WEEE and RoHS. AES 24V/MS40: maximum current for all outputs is 40A. AES 24V/MS150: maximum current for all outputs is 150A. QUICK AND EASY TO SET UP
• Simple: All you need is “1 pair of pliers and 1 screw­driver”.
• Quick: plug-in connect­ors on the rear panel. Ready-to-use connec­tion kit.
• Safe: a totally sealed box prevents any risk of damaging the internal elec­tron­ics due to fall­ing conduct­ive parts.
• Light: the weight of the 2U rack is 3.1kg for the AES 24V/ MS40 and 5.4kg for the AES 24V/M150. OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE
• In normal oper­a­tion mode: the BPS power supply controls and recharges the batter­ies and keeps them charged from the mains. It can provide the sound secur­ity system with standby current.
• In secur­ity oper­a­tion mode: the total oper­at­ing current (includ­ing the current of the amplifi ers of the sound secur­ity system) is supplied by the batter­ies.

Battery Capacity Between 24 and 110Ah
Dimensions (W x D x H) 483 x 395 x 89 mm
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Operating temperature -10 to +45°C at 100% of load-10 to +55°C at 75% of load
Outputs Nominal Voltage 24vDCFloating Voltage Set at half-load and at25°C: 27.2V +/- 0.5%
Outputs Relays Output Relay without any voltage Battery DefaultOutput Relay without any voltage Main Power DefaultOutput Relay without any voltage 24V Ouput Default
Power voltage 195 - 264 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Primary Current 1 A @ 195 V AC. Breaker Circuit (D curve) need to be provided Upstream
Relative Humidity 20 to 95%
Weight 3,1 kg
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