Digital Noise Reduction Microphone

ref. DS-2FP4021-B
– Adopt ECM micro­phone array, allow­ing you to enjoy the 360° full range of broad­band voice as far as 10 meters;
– Embed­ded DSP audio processor real­izes the audio system with abund­ant func­tions;
– Adapt­ive Active noise cancel­la­tion algorithm, real­izes unpar­alleled clear voice;
– Adapt to high-end meet­ings, profes­sional record­ing, secur­ity protec­tion and inter­rog­a­tion applic­a­tions ;
– Full metal struc­ture and surround­ing screen struc­ture design with LED indic­ator light;
– Embed­ded pre-ampli­fic­a­tion elec­trical appli­ances can directly drive active loud­speak­ers and head­sets;
– Comply with RoHS stand­ard, and exclude harm­ful substances prohib­ited by the EU in struc­ture;
– Have passed the EU CE stand­ard, US FCC certi­fic­a­tion
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