40Mbps Bit Rate Input Max (up to 4-ch IP video), 1 SATA interface, mini 1U case(Plastic)

ref. DS-7104NI-E1
– Third-party network cameras suppor­ted
– Up to 6 Megapixels resol­u­tion record­ing
– HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resol­u­tion
– 4/8/16-ch network cameras can be connec­ted with 40M/80M/160M incom­ing band­width
– Up to 2 SATA inter­faces
– Plug & Play with up to 8 inde­pend­ent PoE network inter­faces
– Support network detec­tion, includ­ing network delay, packet loss, etc
4CH 1
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