ref. EVS

• Up to 56 group memories of up to 8 zones per memory (448 zones of the system).
• Prior notice tone
• Volume adjustment
• Power supply indicator
• Emergency condition general indicator
• Fault condition general indicator
• Link with system fault indicator
• Power supply fault indicator
• Emergency microphone fault indicator
• Broadcasting of voice evacuation message indicator
• Broadcasting of voice evacuation recorded message indicator
• Broadcasting of voice alarm message indicator
• Remote control indicator
• Emergency controls, Reset, Acknowledge, Test, Alarm message, Evacuation message
• Side port to connect up to 7 expansion keyboards
• Priority configuration and operating parameters
• Local or peripheral power supply
• Wall or 19” rack installation

Accessories (Provided) 1 x miniUSB AB male to USB A male 1x Power Supply USB connector Type C (EU Type) 1 x Ethernet cable 2m 2 x 19” Rack installation accessories 1 x block accessory for wall instalation
ACSI Bus 2 x Identical ACSI ports: Balanced audio 1Vp, 0,707Vrms. 10 KΩ, female RJ-45, Total 1000m
Buttons Emergency, Reset, Confirmation, (EMG, RST, ACK) 1 button for talking (TALK) Recorded message: Evacuation and Warning Indicators test
Consumption 200 - 500 mA (max with all the expansion keyboards)
Dimensions without microphone (W x H x D) 59 x 132 x 50mm
Directivity Axial, with hypercardioid type polar diagram
DSP Integrated. 48 kHz, 24 bits – 172 MIPS
Ergonomic handset 59 x 132 x 93mm
EVS/E Expansion keyboard accesories 1 x expansion port adaptor 2 x 5 contacts male-male 1 x connecting piece to EVS 4 x countersunk screw (4 x 8 mm)
Expansion keyboard consumption 40 mA max
Expansion keyboard weight 0,5 kg
Expansion Port 1 x Pin row, 2 rows x 5 female contacts
Finish Black - RAL 9005
Frequency response 200 Hz – 12000 Hz (+/- 2dB)
Functions Prior notice tone, volume control, DSA (Dynamic sound adjuster). Directionality until 448 system zones.
Indicators Condition: Emergency, General Fault, Remote Control Fault: Link, Supply, Emergency microphone Message in broadcast: Evacuation recorded, Warning recorded, live message
Keyboard/Rack complements dimensions (W x H x D) 86 x 132 x 42mm
Microphone cable length 500mm
Operating condition 5ºC to +45ºC - 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (no condensation)
Power source 4.5- 5.5V DC, 1 x miniUSB AB
S/N ratio >98dB, A-weighted
Sensitivity -43 dB (1kHz)
Transducer Dynamic with moving coil
Weight 1 kg.
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