EXEO System Control Software


Exeo Control is a software to control the EXEO system from a Windows PC connected in TCP/IP.
EXEO Control allows you to manage volumes in zones, stamp sources in zones, and manage input volumes.
It is also possible to launch events such as triggering messages, presets…
Very easy to use, its interface allows to insert and customize one or more graphics cards of the site to control.


• Easy to use and install
• Source assignment control
• Volume control of sources and zones
• Total supervision of the system by zones (fault, evacuation, etc.)
• Allows adding the installation plan (jpg, png)
• Synchronization with the EXEO system
• Exclusive for EXEO systems (MVA 8120 and EXEO expansion unit)
• An EXEO system can accept up to 5 EXEO CONTROL connections

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