Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System


• EXEONE is a compact EN 54-16 certified public address and voice alarm system that ensures a fast, safe and controlled emergency evacuation.
• EXEONE is the most versatile and cost effective PA/VA system, thanks to its cutting-edge features, excellent audio quality and flexibility in minimum space. It has 2 class D amplifiers, 6 zones, 3 audio inputs, 6x6 audio matrix, DSP and LCD display.
• The system can be configurated without software or PC, thanks to the Plug&Set mode for PA/VA.
• Audio inputs and automatic mixing allow high versatility for PA use in small installations.
• EXEONE has an EN 54-4 battery charger and can operate with one 12V battery. This feature and its advanced power saving control reduce mainteinance costs to the maximum.
• A Wall&Rack innovative design makes EXEONE suitable for wall mounting and rack integration.

General features

• 3 audio inputs.

• Up to 8 EVP multizone micropohones or EVS panels connected with CAT5 UTP cable.

• 2 class D amplifiers with two configurations for 100V/70V lines up to 500W.

• Digital audio matrix 6x6.

• 4 pre-amp outputs for external PA amplifiers connection.

• Access control by LCD display.

• DSP: 3/7-band input/output parametric equalizer, loudness, sound enhancer, independent volume control per each input and output master.

• Control for up to 16 VC-xxx attenuators.

• 8+2 GPIO ports, supervised for integration with Fire Alarm Control Panel.

• 1 input DC Voltage 24VDC to 60VDC max. (UGA) to trig Alarm Message with the possibility to read the fault synthesis on this input.

Voice Alarm/Emergency Features :

• Certified under EN 54-16, EN 54-4 and EN 60849 standards.
• Failure detection and indication in all emergency functions.
• Fire Alarm Control Panel integration.
• Double player for pre-recorded evacuation messages.
• Manual control of emergency states with access control.
• Emergency log.
• Loudspeaker lines supervision.
• Line terminator without return for supervision.
• Backup amplifier included.
• 10 minutes storage for pre-recorded messages.


Power source 100 - 240V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption 550W max / 100W at 1/8 output power
Frequency response 80 – 20000Hz +/-1dB
S/N ratio SNR~95dB, A-weighted
Distortion <0.1% according to IEC 60268
Gain adjustment per channel -100dB +10dB, 1dB steps
DSP Integrated - 48 kHz, 24 bits - 344 MIPS
Audio inputs 1 x balanced audio 1 Vrms. 10 KΩ, 3 Pin, Euroblock type
Priority 2 x balanced audio 1 Vrms. 10 KΩ, 4 Pin, Euroblock type (GPIO)
General control (GPIO) 2 x control I/O, 0-5 V, 100 Ω, in PRIO audio inputs
ACSI Bus 1 x balanced audio 1 Vrms. 10 KΩ, RJ-45 female, total 800m / 2624.7ft
ACSI-Link connectivity 2 x balanced audio 1 Vrms. 10 KΩ, RJ-45 female, total 800m / 2624.7ft
Pre-amp Audio Outputs 4 x balanced audio 1 Vrms. 100 Ω, 3 Pin, Euroblock type
Attenuators control 6 x override 24V DC, 6 x 30mA, 2 Pin, Euroblock type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Control Inputs 8 x 0 - 5V DC, monitored inputs, 2 Pin, Euroblock type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Control Outputs 2 x contact closure output, NO, max 60V DC 130mA, 2 Pin, Euroblock type (4 pin connector)
Virtual matrix 6 x 6
Amplifier 2 x 500W D class (250Wrms x 2) @ 70 / 100V. Min load 20 Ω
Backup amplifiers 1 backup amplifier with automatic priority according to EN 54-16
Speaker Outputs 6 x 100V audio. Min. impedance: 20 Ω 500W (outputs 1 and 2), 80 Ω 120W (rest), 2 Pin, Euroblock type
Output power 500 W according to EN60065. 200 Wrms according to EN 54-16
Protection Over-temperature, infrasonic, short circuit, slow start-up, overload
Emergency Power 181x76x167mm battery housing, up to 22Ah
Battery charger Integrated, smart charging up to 3 amperes
Display Backlit LCD 2 rows x 16 characters
Operating condition -5 ºC to +45 ºC / 23 ºF to 113 ºF - 5% to 95% relative humidity (without condensation)
Finish Materials: Fe y AL - Colours: RAL7016 and RAL9005
Weight (Kg) 7.5kg / 15.76 lb (without battery)
Dimensions (LxPxH) (mm) 453 x 88 x 455mm
Accessories (Provided) Male Euroblock connectors, installation screws, 4 x rubber foot
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