Ceiling speaker equipped with a 16cm, 2-way loud­speaker made of fi breglass and a 100V line trans­former. 1.5/3/6/12W

ref. PC6 VA

Ceil­ing speaker with fi redome This recessed ceil­ing speaker is equipped with a 16cm, 2-way loud­speaker made of fibreglass and a 100V line trans­former (12W). It also has a steel cover to prevent fire from spread­ing across the ceil­ing. DYNAMIC SOUND Its large band­width offers remark­able sound qual­ity and perfectly repro­duces high and low sounds to take full advant­age of music and speech. COMPLIANT WITH EVACUATION STANDARDS With its ceramic connec­tion and thermal fuse, the PC6 VA complies with evac­u­ation stand­ards and provides an addi­tional level of safety in case of emer­gency. This high-qual­ity ceil­ing light meets the inter­na­tional stand­ards relat­ive to public address and evac­u­ation install­a­tions (EN54–24 and ISO 7240–24) (Type A). IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION Its fasten­ing system makes it easy to mount on most ceil­ings.

Corps grill (material) Metal
100V line power / Impedance 1,5/3/6/12W
Nominal power RMS 12W
Bandwidth (Hz) 160 - 20000
Sensitivity dB (1W/1m) 87
Directivity @ 1 KHz 140°
Speaker 6,5" 2 way
Cone (material) Fiber glass
Dimensions (ØxP) (mm) 230 x 155
Embedding (mm) 207
Operating temperature (°C) -15°C to +55°C
Protection rating IP 33
Standard EN 54-24 (type A)
Weight (Kg) 1,8
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