Ethernet Controller

ref. STE-21

• The STE 21, provides Ethernet connectivity for control and monitoring of equipments that do not incorporate an Ethernet port.
• It has 2 bidirectional RS-232 ports, 2 ports for the connection of infrared (IR) emissions, 10 GPIO ports configurable by software as inputs or outputs and 1 RS-485 port.
• Its small size and robustness makes the STE 21 a very simple to install unit, and can be installed as an accessory in a 19” Rack. It has a USB port for its configuration or power supply due to its low power consumption. The STE 21 has as well its own power supply (included with the unit)

Ethernet 1x RJ-45 10/100 Base-T half/full duplex (auto)
Ethernet protocols TCP, UDP, HTTP, Telnet
USB 1x Mini-USB A/B - Telnet
RS-232 2 x SUB-D 9 male RS-232 5 pins: RX, TX GND, RTS, CTS. 300-250000baud
RS-485 1 x euroblock, 2 points
IR 2 x euroblock, 2 points
GPIO 1 x euroblock type 12 contacts. 10 pins I/O selectable 0-5V. + 2 referente pin
ADC 8 analog inputs selectable by Software. (Uses same GPIO connector). Resolution up to 12 bits. Up to 1,66Msp
Power source 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz – 5V 1A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 139 x 21 x 62mm
Weight 0.3kg
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