ref. SVA-4500

• SVA-4500 is an extension controller and a 4x500W amplifier or 2x1000W amplifier for the compact EN 54-16 PA/VA system EXEO.
• This extension unit can scale the EXEO system with 4 more zones as it includes 4 class D power amplifier channels at 100V or 70V lines.
• Audio is transmited from the main unit to this extension unit via daisy-chain connection via FlexNet. Therefore it guarantees maximum quality and integrity.
• The extension is fully configurable with the EXEO-Configurator software (included with EXEO). It is possible to configure remotely the unit as part of the whole EXEO system and create
events to perform actions in the system triggered by conditions of: input level, date&time, UDP command, a GPIO or button from MPS microphone.

Accessories (Provided) 2 x Rack mounting, Male Euroblock connectors, installation screws, 4 x Rubber foot, 1 x Power cable 2m (EU Type), 1 x Ethernet Cable 2m
Amplifier 4 x 500W Class D, (4 x 250Wrms) or 2 x 1000W (2 x 500Wrms) @ 70 / 100V. Min load 40 Ω/20 Ω
ATT Control 4 x Override 24V DC, 8 x 40mA, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Consumption 900W max / 400W at 1/8 output power/ 40W Standby
Dimensions (W x H x D) 483 x 88 x 455mm
DSP Integrated. 48 kHz, 24 bits - 344 MIPS
Emergency Control Inputs 6 x 0 - 5V DC, Monitored inputs, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Control Outputs 2 x Relay contact Isolated Output, NO, Max 60V DC 130mA, 2 Pin Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Power Input 1 x 20 - 28V DC, 32A, Fused (32 A), 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (2 pin connector)
Emergency Power Status Inputs 3 x NO - NC, 3 Pin, Euroblock Type
Finish Black - RAL 9005
FlexNet/Cobranet 3 x FlexNet Redundant (automatic switching), Ethernet10/100Mbits. Female RJ-45
Frequency of testing signal 80 - 20.000Hz +/-3dB
Gain adjustment per channel -100dB -0dB, 1dB steps
Operating condition -5ºC to +45ºC / 5% to 95% Relative humidity (No condensation)
Power 110-120V / 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
Pre-amp Audio Outputs 4 x Balanced audio 1Vp, 0,707Vrms. 100Ω, 3Pin Euroblock Type
Prio / Ctrl . Input 1 x Balanced audio, 1Vp, 0,707Vrms. 10000 Ω / 0 - 5V DC input 10000 Ω, 4Pin, Euroblock Type
Protection Over-temperature, DC, infrasonic, short circuit, slow start-up, overload. Start-up test
Signal / Noise >98dB, A-weighted
Spare Amplifier Inputs 4 x 500W @ 70 / 100V, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Speaker Loop Input 8 (4 dual x No Voltage Contact inputs, 3 Pin, Euroblock Type
Speaker Outputs 8 (4 dual managed lines) x 70 /100V. 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
THD <0,05 % under 60268-3
Weight 9,8 kg
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