Windows Intercom System


The CROSSTALK COMFORT counter intercom system is designed to assist with clear communications when speech is impaired by the use of glass or other security counter systems.
• Multi-channel DSP (digital signal processing) audio technology that eliminates howling and noise.
• The CROSSTALK COMFORT counter intercom is a full duplex HD digital intercom.
• Full touch button: no button press noise, easy to clean or disinfect.
• Identification of the sound source and suppression of ambient noise.
• Automatic volume adjustment.
• A single output cable grouping all the connections (including the external unit, the power supply, the recording output and the local network).
• Output for audio recording or to connect to a conventional amplifier or hearing impaired magnetic loop.
• Intelligent verification of the connection status between internal and external elements.
• A beep will automatically be activated when connection fails.
• CROSSTALK COMFORT is designed for use in any situation involving one-on-one communication with an interlocutor : Bank - Office and administration open to the public - TheaterHotel - Travel agency - Information and cultural center -
Airport - Train station - Metro…

Audio compression PCM / AAC
Bandwidth 20Hz ~16kHz
Power supply input DC 12V ≤5W
Sampling 16kHz ~ 32kHz
Signal / Noise ≥90dB
Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C, ≤90%RH (no condensation)
Time limit for receiving the voice No delay
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