INTER-M : Main matrix unit (6100 System)

ref. ECS-6216P

• The ECS-6216P is the main matrix unit for the 6100 System. It provides 16 call zones. A USB inter­face (DIB 6000) lets you control and config­ure the system using a PC. Manage up to 160 call zones using the ECS-6216S exten­sions.
• Connects to 2 select­ive call mic stations by default. Connect to up to 16 stations using the RME-6108 exten­sions.
• The ECS-6216P commu­nic­ates with 6100 System elements through a CAT5 cable on 1 BUS to make install­a­tion easier.
• Two RS-232 inter­faces oper­ate audio sources such as a CD player, tuner, etc.

Communication LINK RS-485 - RM & SOURCE : RS-232
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 482 x 88 x 280 mm · 2U
Input 1 BUS
Output 16
Power source 24 V DC
Priority URGENCE > TIMER > RM 1 > RM 2 > Principal
Weight (Kg) 4.3
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