Induction loop amplifier up to 50m²

ref. LA-240
  • The LA-240 is an induction loop amplifier designed to be implemented in place up to 50m².
  • It allow you to connec 3 audio sources : analogic audio sources, optical digital audio sources on TOS link or digital coaxial and 2 microphones (jaxk 3.5mm)
  • For easy use, the AGC maintain a constant volume according to your setting
  • In the delivery are included : amplifier with its support, set of audio cords included one TOSlink cable, digital coaxial cable, power supply and loop cable of 37m lenght.
  • Maximum coverage : 50m²
  • Application : lounge, meeting room and bus
  • Compact
  • 2 LINE input (2xRCA)
  • Digital input (optical TOSlink · coaxial S/PDIF)
  • 2 MIC input
  • 1 headphone output
  • Automaytic gain control AGC for a constant volume
  • Remote control in option
Provided accessories

Amplifier provided with stand, one connection set included TOSlink cord and digital coaxial cord, power supply, loop cable of 37m.

Bandwidth 100 to 5 000 Hz
Colour silver-metallic
Connector Clamp terminal (speaker type)
Control Volume and Tonality adjustable by knob
Coverage 50 m²
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 180 x 42 x 140
Display ON/OFF 1 LED, Level and tonality LED display around ON/OFF switch
Input 1 x TOSlink - 1 x RCA S/PDIF - 2 LINE inputs 2 x RCA - 2 Microphone input (Master + slave)
Max. current 4 A RMS
Max efficiency 0.5 ~1.5Ω impedance
Min. loop lenght 11 m
Output Headphones jack 3.5mm
Power supply 12 - 40 V / transformer : 100 - 240 VAC 50 Hz - 16 VDC
Weight ~ 905 g
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Available accessories (option)