Induction loop amplifier for small place up to 16m²

ref. LA-60
  • The LA-60 induction loop amplifier is designed for use in small rooms up to 16 m2.
  • This amplifier allow to connect 2 audio sources (jack 3.5mm) and adjust the level of each input. With the level adjustement knob, is it possible to mix (addition of the two audio signal) the 2 inputs.
  • To receive signals from the magnetic loop, people with hearing aids should put their in position "T" or "MT".
  • people with no hearing aids can use the stetoscopic LPU-1 special loop receivers to pick up these signals from instalation.
  • Surface max 16m²
  • Compact
  • Able to mix 2 audio sources
  • level adjustment of 2 input
Provided accessories

Loop cable included

Colour Black
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 65 x 121 x 35
Output Current loop 1.3 A RMS, 1.82 A max. @ 100 - 5000 Hz compliant with the BS6083 pt4 (IECI 18-4) standard for a loop, with 24 / 0.2 cable (0.75 mm²) at 0.03 ohms/m
Power 10 VA
Power supply 180-265 VAC 50/60 Hz
Weight 150 g
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Available accessories (option)