Gooseneck-shaped electret cardioide microphones. Total length 450mm

ref. MIC FLEX-610P

• Electret goose­neck-shaped micro­phone with red illu­min­ated ring
• Cardi­oïd
• Wind­screen
• Threaded part: Ø 10mm x 40mm
• To be moun­ted at front panel or on micro­phone stand
• Total length 450mm

Bandwidth (Hz) 100 - 16000
Chime remote No
Connexion Wires
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) Ø 13 - L 450
Gose neck lenght (mm) 450
Impedance 1000Ω
Microphone Cardioïde electret
Power supply 3-9V
Sensibility 4mV / Pa
Speech indicator Light ring
Weight (Kg) 0,190
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