Telephone interface with messages reader

ref. MOD TEL 2

• MOD TEL 2 is an easy-to-use interface which combines in a single product functions of a phone line announcer and a digital
messages reader.
• When it is connected to a PA system, simply plug the analog telephone line into the product and dial its number to broadcast
an announcement from any phone.
• It can broadcast recorded digital messages which can also be triggered from the 6 GPI.
• Messages can also be triggered by times scheduling using the integrated calendar.
• DTMF messages triggering and many other settings are possible by following simple configurations.
• Audio files can be customized to match the announcement or alert messages required by each institution.
• MP3 or WAV supported digital audio format allows you to broadcast quality messages previously stored in the integrated
SD card provided and with the MOD TEL 2.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 126 x 40 x 115mm
Output 1V, 600Ω, balanced
Outputs Relays 30V, 50mA
Power source AC 240V - 12 to 24V DC
Settings Volum, chime tonality, output level, Busy tonality
Weight (Kg) 0.310
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