Professional analog mixer 12 inputs - 4 outputs

ref. MX-1243

• MX-1243 analog mixer is designed to work with a professional sound syntem and perform mixing, processing and routing of audio signal.
• It has 12 mono input channel and 4 output.
• Phantom power of +48V is provided on all microphone input
• Each channel has a 3 band equalizer • Adjustable level on each signal input channel by turning the individual knobs and faders. The faders are also available to mix your 4 outputs.

Bandwidth (Hz) +1dB/-2dB, 20-20kHz @ +4dB (Main output L/R @ 600Ω, MONO OUT@ 600Ω, AUX @600Ω)
Consumption 25W
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 482 x 104 x 310 mm
Equalizer High +/- 12dB 12kHz Mid +/- 12dB 2.5kHz Bass +/- 12dB 80Hz
Input sensibility Mic (CH1-CH12) -60dB @ 600Ω (BAL) Line (CH1-CH12) -20dB @ 10kΩ (BAL) Return AUX +4dB @ 10kΩ (UNBAL)
Max output level L/R output : +24dB @ 600Ω, 0.5% THD @ 1kHz (BAL), Mono Output +24dB @ 600Ω, 0.5% THD @ 1kHz (BAL) Return 1-4 +20dB @ 600Ω, 0.5% THD @ 1kHz (UNBAL)
Phantom +48V DC
Power source 220V AC, 60Hz
THD 0.1% @ +14dB, 20-20kHz (Main output L/R @ 600Ω, MONO OUT@ 600Ω, AUX @600Ω)
Weight (Kg) 7.5
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