Combined 2-channel infrared or induction loop signal receiver

ref. PR-22+

• The PR-22+ (with AGC, Automatic Gain Control) is equipped with two receiver modules for induction loop signals and for infrared signals.
• The 3.5mm audio Jack makes it possible to connect variety of different listening components, such as an under-the-chin receiver, ear or headphones, a teleloop or monaural/binaural cords.
• PR-22+ operating on batteries, a charging deck is advisable.

Bandwidth 15 - 20,000Hz
Colour Black
Control On/Off switch - Tonality and volume adjustment wheels Reception mode switch (induction loop/ infrared)
Dimension (LxHxP) 75 x 68 x 22 mm
Maximum SPL 120dBA
Power source 2 batteries 1.2V 750mAh AAA
S/N ratio 60dB
THD < 1%
Weight ~ 60g (with batteries)
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