Induction loop amplifier up to 1000m²


• The PROLOOP DCCplus is designed for areas of up to 1000m². It is the ideal solution for event rooms and conference halls.
• The XLR jack on input 1 is fixed as a microphone input (balanced, sensitivity: 1 mV) configured. The XLR jack on input 2 can be configured as LINE input or microphone input (symmetrically).
• When using the microphone mode, a phantom current of 15V can be activated for static microphones. Also, an additional gain can be enabled on these 2 inputs. Amplification for both inputs can be adjusted separately by front panel potentiometer.

• The output amplification is generous (up to 12A RMS) and guarantees good audio transmission by the system.
• The Automatic Gain Control makes sure of a consistent field strength, offers more stability of volume and excellent audio reproduction.
• The supplied 6.3mm jacks Slave In and Slave Out can be equipped with two PROLOOP DCCplus to establish a Low-Overspill loop system.
• Adjuster for reducing field strenght loss to metal in the surroundings.

AGC Maintains constant level ofthe audio signal on the connected loop AGC reaction time Sinus -10dB : 8ms. - 2 s
AGC audio input Dynamics : up to 100dB
Audio output XLR 1V (200Ω)
Bandwidth 100 to 5000 Hz ( ± 3dB)
Connector Screw clamps
Control Loop current - Amplification for IN 1 and IN 2 - For reducing field strenght loss to metal in the surroundings
Coverage 1000m² conforming to IEC 60118-4
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 483 x 90 x 270mm · 19“ 2U
Display On / Off (LED, green) - AGC/Compression (5 green LEDs and 1 yellow LED) - Loop current (5 green LEDs and 1 yellow LED) Overload (1 yellow LED) - Overheat (1 red LED) - Loop error (1 red LED)
Distortion < 1% at nominal output power, 1kHz kHz
Headphone out Jack 6,35 mm
Input IN 1: XLR-connector, Microphone-in (symmetric, sensitvity: 1mV) IN 2: XLR-connector, adjustable as LINE-in (symmetric, sensitvity: 1V) or Microphone-in (symmetric, sensitvity: 1mV) Amplification adjustment, phantom current 15V can be added - 100V-priority
Max. current 12A RMS @ 1kHz
Max. voltage 32V RMS
Power 150 W
Power supply 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Protection Fuse 1,5A (at 230V mains voltage)
Slave In Jack 6,35 mm
Slave Out 0°/90° phase shift adjustable (6,3mm jack)
Weight 7.8kg
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