INTER-M : 21-key selective call Mic station (500 System)

ref. RM-500

• Lets you call one of the 21 general call or all zones and gener­ate a chime.
• Mic and chime volume are adjustable. A bar graph lets you see the output signal level.
• Commu­nic­a­tion between the RM-500 and Z-500 via the RS-422 means you can move the mic hundreds of meters away.

Bandwidth (Hz) 100 - 10000
Weight (Kg) 1,6
THD < 0,1%
Power supply 24VDC
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 200 x 206 x 70
Connexion RJ-45
Microphone Unidirectionnel electret
Chime remote Integrated chime
Speech indicator Bar graph
Impedance > 55dB
Sensibility -50dB
Zone 21
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