Acoustic limiters - action by power failure

ref. LA 1
  • The acoustic limiters allow controlling, recording and limiting a sound pressure level.
  • When the sound pressure level threshold in dBA is exceeded, this device cuts of the sound after a given time.
  • A lighting system can be plugged on the LA1 signaling to the user an exceed of the sound pressure level. The sound pressure level measured is displayed on the device (LA 1 and LA2) or on a deported display (LA 1A and LA 2A). An event history file records each event.
  • These devices are primarily intended for places broadcasting amplified music such as pubs, multi-purpose rooms…
  • They comply with the 98/1143 decree.
Action by level reduction no
Action by power failure yes
Anti-camouflage sensor yes
Cutoff adjustable
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 260x175x57
History log 60 days
Number of final cut adjustable
Overrun time adjustable
Power supply 230V - 50/60Hz
Sound system output 1000W
Weight (Kg) 2
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