Acoustic Acoustic Limiter

dB(C) dB(A) Acoustic Acoustic Limiter - Sensor NF S31-122-1
Limiter / Recorder Responding to Category 2A, appliance for places broadcasting amplified music equipped with sound

It acts by progressive attenuation of the audio signal in case of exceeding an electric level or a global sound level and can handle different displays to monitor the level of music emission. Simultaneous action by power failure to limit mobile sound, musical groups or orchestra on stage ...

Apparatus equipped with an embedded server rendering its setting and use very comfortable and instinctive. Its design makes it a device that will adapt to any evolution of the regulations in force

The blue square 2a is rather intended for discos, bars, concert halls, outdoor manifestations. The quality of the processing of the limitation complies with 100% the input signal without any degradation



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