Octave band attenuation or cut-off sound pressure recorder limiter

The CARRE BLEU 2B is a Limiter Recorder Display (L,E,A) of acoustic pressure meeting the standard NF S31-122-1 relating to places of amplified sound diffusion :


  • Attenuation or cut from overall sound pressure levels and octave band relative to setpoint levels.
  • CARRE BLEU 2B has an embedded web server to facilitate configuration, viewing of the history and display of events in accordance with the NF S31-122-1 standard.
  • Viewing (without software) and transfer of the history on USB key or via the web server.
  • Real-time visualization of sound evolutions (web pages) on any browser and OS
  • Sound level meter equipped with a system allowing the control of the correct operation of the measurement chain
  • Data recording over 12 months.
  • Management of the opening of doors/windows (lowering of thresholds), fire alarm management
  • Visual warning (rotating light, kelson ear, light column) as an option.
  • Supplied with 20m cable to connect the measurement microphone and RJ45 cable.
  • Dimensions : 447 x 315 x 88 mm. 2U format (with anti-tear).
  • Power source: 220V

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