Intercom systems for areas protected by glass barriers.

The CROSSTALK COMFORT counter intercom is designed to
clear communication where speech is impaired by the use of glass or other
by glass or other security counter systems.
- Multi-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) audio technology that
eliminates whistling and noise.
- The CROSSTALK COMFORT counter intercom is a full-duplex HD digital intercom.
intercom system.
- Full touch button: no button press noise, easy to clean or disinfect.
- Identification of sound source and suppression of ambient noise.
- Automatic volume adjustment.
- A single output cable that combines all connections (including the external unit, power
unit, power supply, recording output and local network).
- Output for audio recording or connection to a conventional amplifier or magnetic loop for the hearing impaired.
magnetic loop for the hearing impaired.
- Intelligent verification of connection status between internal and
between internal and external elements.
- A beep is automatically activated when a connection is lost.
- CROSSTALK COMFORT is designed for use in all situations that require
where one-to-one communication is required:
Bank - Office and administration open to the public - Theatre
Hotel - Travel agency - Information and cultural centre - Airport - Railway station
Airport - Railway station - Metro...


Supply voltageDC 12V ≤5W
Operating temperature and humidity-20°C ~ +60°C, ≤90%RH (no condensation)
Time limit for receiving the voiceNo delay
Audio EncodingPCM / AAC
Signal on noise≥90dB
Bandwidth20Hz ~16kHz
Sampling16kHz ~ 32kHz
Agent-side microphone160 x 95 x 46,5mm • 0,44kg
Speaker-Microphone102 x 83 x 24mm • 0,2kg
Certification ce - Majorcom
Certification rohs - Majorcom
Certification bureau veritas - Majorcom
Certification iso - Majorcom
Certification dante - Majorcom
Certification EN54 - Majorcom

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