2×8 ” Line Arrays 2×8 “, Bi-Amplified Speaker

2x8 '' Line Arrays 2x8 ", Bi-Amplified Speaker
The Line Array NLA series is designed to be used in various applications.
High Quality Low High Quality Frequency High Speakers Granted Titanium Wave Guide Mounting Titanium Mounting Allow to get a Line Array Line.
By step 1 °, each module can be configured from 0 ° to 10 ° with respect to the upper module.
The high-efficiency motor installed on waveguide transmits a constant audible signal over 90 ° opening.
When the cluster is composed of NLA-8, it provides a wide range of frequency.
High quality transducer, waveguide, compact size, solid and precise suspension system


Connector2 x Amphenol NL4 on steel panel 1+/1-: LF, 2+/2-: HF
Dimensions (W x H x D)694 x 256 x 486 mm
Directivity @ 1 KHzHorizontal 90° / Vertical 10°
Frequency range75 Hz~18 kHz
ImpedanceLF : 16 ?/HF : 16 ?
MaterialBirch Plywood
Maximum SPLLF : 124 dB/HF: 122 dB
PowerLF : 440W, HF : 60W
SensibilityLF : 98 dB/HF : 104 dB
SpeakerLF: 2 x 203.2 mm(8") woofer HF: 2 x 25 mm(1") tweeter
TypeCompact Line-array module 2X8" 2 Way Bi-Amp
Weight24.4 kg

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