Extension unit with 4x500W amps (@ 4Ω) – 4 x 250Wrms @ 8Ω – EN54-16

Extension unit with 4x500W amps (@ 4Ω) for the EXEO MVA-8120 – 4 x 250Wrms @ 8Ω – EN54-16 system

• The SVA-4500L is an extension unit for the EXEO MVA-8120 EN 54-16 system.

• This extension unit equips the EXEO system with 4 additional zones because it includes 4 500W or 2 x 1000W class D power amplifier channels under 4 Ω.

• The audio signal is transmitted from the main unit to this extension unit via a cascade connection by FLEXNET and using the audio on Ethernet. This ensures maximum integrity and audio quality.

• The SVA-4500L extension is fully configurable from the EXEO-CONFIGURATOR software (included with EXEO). It is possible to configure the remote equipment within the EXEO network and create events, to perform actions in the system, triggered by conditions of: Input Level, Date and Time, UDP command, a GPIO or The EVS / EVP microphone button.


Accessories (Provided)2 x Rack mounting, Male Euroblock connectors, installation screws, 4 x Rubber foot, 1 x Power cable 2m (EU Type), 1 x Ethernet Cable 2m
Amplifier4 x 500W4 Ω /4 x 250W8 Ω , (4 x 250Wrms@8 Ω). Min load 4 Ω
ATT Control4 x Override 24V DC, 8 x 40mA, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Audio input4 x Balanced audio 1Vrms-0dBV. 10k Ω, 3Pin, Euroblock
Consumption900W max / 400W at 1/8 output power/ 40W Standby
Dimensions (W x H x D)483 x 88 x 455mm
DSPIntegrated. 48 kHz, 24 bits - 344 MIPS
Emergency Control Inputs6 x 0 - 5V DC, Monitored inputs, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Control Outputs2 x Relay contact Isolated Output, NO, Max 60V DC 130mA, 2 Pin Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Emergency Power Input1 x 20 - 28V DC, 32A, Fused (32 A), 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (2 pin connector)
Emergency Power Status Inputs3 x NO - NC, 3 Pin, Euroblock Type
FinishBlack - RAL 9005
FlexNet/Cobranet3 x FlexNet Redundant (automatic switching), Ethernet10/100Mbits. Female RJ-45
Frequency response80 - 20.000Hz +/-3dB
Gain adjustment per channel100dB -0dB, 1dB steps
Operating condition-5ºC to +45ºC / 5% to 95% Relative humidity (No condensation)
Power source110-120V / 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
Pre-amp Audio Outputs4 x Balanced audio 1Vp, 0,707Vrms. 100 Ω, 3Pin Euroblock Type
Prio / Ctrl . Input1 x Balanced audio, 1Vp, 0,707Vrms. 10000 Ω / 0 - 5V DC input 10000 Ω, 4Pin, Euroblock Type
ProtectionOver-temperature, DC, infrasonic, short circuit, slow start-up, overload. Start-up test
Signal / Noise>98dB, A-weighted
Spare Amplifier Inputs4 x 500W@ 4 Ω, 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
Speaker Loop Input8 (4 dual x No Voltage Contact inputs, 3 Pin, Euroblock Type
Speaker Outputs8 (4 dual managed lines) x 4/8 Ω. 2 Pin, Euroblock Type (4 pin connector)
THD<0,05 %
Weight9,8 kg

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