IP Surveillance Solution

Unparalled scallability

IP surveillance gives users the ability to monitor, and record video and/or audio over an IP computer network such as a LAN or the internet. In a simple IP system, it usually involves the use of a network camera or an analog camera with a video server, a network switch, a computer for monitoring, managing and saving the video, and video management software.


The IP technology serves as the backbone network in an IP surveillance.

Video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location through a wired and/or wireless IP network which enables users to access the image from anywhere.

IP cameras can be integrated to a larger and scalable system as users’ desire. EverFocus provides complete IP products along with IP surveillance solutions to meet end-users’ various needs. EverFocus offers a whole series of IP Solutions with housing styles that include indoor and outdoor IR domes and bullet cameras. Various camera types are also offered with chips ranging from 1.3 and 2 Megapixel with Wide Dynamic Range to a high-resolution 3 megapixel. EverFocus also has many customizable NVRs ranging from 2-64 channels that are easy to expand as your needs grow. Relevant applications of IP surveillance solution can be found in different walk of lives such as transportation, commercial markets, government & public services, education, and infrastructure.


The IP surveillance system is simple and easy to understand. An IP camera connects to the network directly, as the IP camera is installed and configured, a web browser can be used to view and record live video. If you want to watch more record live videos simultaneously, just simply install a video management software program on the computer. IP surveillance system is also flexible and easy to be customized as user desire.

IP Application

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

IP Setup

EverFocus will pre-configure your IP system for you for FREE! This is the perfect solution for the beginner who is unfamiliar with IP and also a huge time saver for the experienced professional. EverFocus IP Solutions are easily scalable to fit your application whether big or small.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

IP cameras are usually integrate with alarm systems, lighting, environmental and access controls. EverFocus's IP cameras offer great system flexibility and provide fully integration with major surveillance platforms.

IP Remote accessibility

Remote accessibility

Whenever you want to access your live or recorded video from any location in the world, the network system makes it possible for you. In the past, the traditional analog cctv system requires you to be in a specific location to view and manage your video, with IP surveillance system, access and manage your video in a remote location is not a dream anymore.

IP High image quality

High image quality

High image quality is one of the most important aspects of any surveillance system. Images shot by IP cameras will not be affected by the cable distance. Thanks to the internet, you are able to capture images clearly with IP surveillance solution.

IP Cost-effective


Forget about the tons of work you have to do to set up an analog system and the coaxial and fiber needed for an analog cctv system. IP surveillance solution is more cost-effective than the traditional analog surveillance. With IP surveillance system, you can save more money in management and equipment setup.


IP Flexibility

With IP cameras, you can always add more cameras whenever you feel like it. Comparing to analog camera, you don’t need to wire new cables again, it’s more flexible and more economical.