The 6000 System has become the leading digital PA broadcast system

  • The 6000 System is available in two editions: the 8-BUS 6800 System and the 1-BUS 6100 System.
  • This digital sound system is based on architecture that guarantees reliable performance and high quality, using the latest in microprocessor and digital signal processing (DSP) technology. It is efficient and easy to configure and use thanks to a simple Windows® user interface.
  • The system is suited for large areas such as office buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centres, campuses, transportation centres, penal institutions, and many commercial establishments and businesses.
  • Its extendability and flexibility make it an ideal solution for playing voice communications and background music and managing scheduled programs. It provides reliable, efficient communication, with sound adaptable for each zone and excellent speech intelligibility. The system is already being used in many commercial and business applications.

Strengths of the 6000 System

Points forts du Système 6000 Le coeur du Système 6000 : la matrice PX-6216
The system is controlled and monitored in real time from a PC  configuration, monitoring, and surveillance of failures).
Up to 32 mic stations with zone group programming.
Messages and announcements can be triggered on a programmed scheduled and by contact.
Emergency messages and events can be triggered by contact.
Master multiple sources on 8 digital BUSs.
Control music players (CD player, tuner, etc.) via the RS-232.
Internal playlist and broadcast scheduling by time slot.

16 to 160 zones possible.


Le coeur du Système 6000 : la matrice PX-6216

The heart of the 6000 System: PX-6216 Matrix

Designed to ensure professional-quality broadcasting and intelligibility with CDquality sound, the PX-6216 is a must for any area with large crowds.

Large expansion capacity

  • The digital 6000 System can be extended from 16 to 160 output zones. Oversee up to 10 analog input sources and up to 32 remote RM-6024 mic stations.
  • Ideal for anything from simple applications to complex multizone applications and background music. Its 8-BUS system lets you move the 8 outputs to any other system interface up to 1km away.

Control software easy to use

  • The 6000 System is easy to configure, control, and manage thanks to intuitive, Windows®-based software. It comes with enough features to satisfy even the most demanding sound professional, yet is still easy for beginning users to operate. The system management software can also monitor and record system errors.
  • The features available in the MS-6800 and MS-6100 software for the 6800 and 6100 Systems include a computer-controlled messaging system, recording management, a scheduling feature, an external graphic programming interface, scheduled emergency announcements, and a multi-zone and per-zone call function. The MS-6800 software comes with the PX-6216, and the MS-6100 comes with the ECS-6216P.
  • The MS-6800 can also manage system analyses (including errors), automatic saves, automatic switching to backup amplifiers, and recordings.
  • You can connect the PX-6216 to up to 32 RM-6024 mic stations. The stations’ keys are configurable using the software, and you can create call groups using the macro feature.

MS-6100 Software

Logiciel MS-6100

System features

  • Up to 160 local broadcasts
  • Up to 32 remote-controllable microphone stations
  • 8 simultaneous broadcasts BUSs
  • Handles up to 32 broadcast groups
  • 12 pre-selected broadcast keys
  • Emergency message broadcast
  • Alarm broadcasts, staggered broadcasts, and scheduled programming
  • Real-time remote control via PC (monitoring, operation, event logging)
  • Program works on network, up to five clients
  • User access through four-step password
  • System logbook file
  • Automatic recording using mic station
  • Manage broadcast calendar while on vacation
  • Monitor failure of system to communicate with fire alarm systems
  • Manage source programs, remote control (MP3, CD, tuner, etc.)
  • Broadcast messages by microphone from client PC
  • Background music/scheduled messages can be broadcast by PC sound card
  • Manage background music broadcast priorities
  • Monitoring and equipment control features (power supply, battery charger, loudspeaker, line amplifiers)
  • Broadcast messages by telephone
  • DSP with built-in 7-band equalizer
  • Connects to the system easily with a standard CAT5 cable and RJ45 connector

Digital messaging and play-back music

  • Multiple background music inputs that can be operated using the 6000 System management software. Play announcements and planned messages, a built-in playlist, or digital music programmed directly using a PC and management software. With the built-in digital audio recording feature, you can send voice messages or safety announcements automatically. The system also lets you trigger emergency messages and events remotely using input from the external graphic programming interface.
  • The 6000 System lets you control various sources, such as the CD-6208, to operate and program CD tracks and audio files stored internally on DRP memory.
  • The MP3 player is fully operable using the PV-6232 with built-in clock.
  • When combined with the SC-6224, you can monitor loudspeaker lines for short circuits, open circuits, overloads, grounding, etc. When combined with the AFD-6214, you can manage amplifiers and switch to a backup amp if an amp fails.
  • The MS-6800 and MS-6100 software let you manage equipment status and failure in real time.

Educational institutions

Schools, Universities and Colleges, Training facilities

Écoles primaires, Collèges, Lycées, Universités, Instituts de formation…
  • Educational institutions often need to make scheduled broadcasts and send messages instantly to specific zones over long distances, for instance across a building or campus.
  • The 6000 System’s built-in digital audio system lets you make customized, scheduled calls to classrooms.
  • With its high-quality audio system, it can also broadcast on-demand audio streams to classrooms or specific zones, or even to conference rooms and auditoriums.
  • The sound source can be transmitted digitally in very high quality over long distances using a TCP/IP network or fibre optics up to 15km without using repeaters.

Commercial establishments

Large stores, Shopping centres, Multiplex theatres, Large hotels

Grands magasins, Centres commerciaux, Cinémas multiplex, Grands hôtels…
  • Commercial establishments require various types of background music coming from local sources and specific announcements that vary according to zone. These constraints can differ for each floor and in each zone.
  • The 6000 System is the optimal network system, featuring flexible control and broadcasting from various locations, such as the command centre, the information centre, or service centres.

Public spaces

Office buildings, Train stations, Airports, Hospitals, Exhibition centres

Administrations, Gares, Aéroports, Hôpitaux, Parcs des expositions…
  • In public spaces, desired features and sound constraints can vary from one zone or floor to another, depending on the characteristics of the building or area. Some zones may require soft background music, while others may need frequent announcements, whether scheduled or live.
  • The 6000 System has a flexible broadcasting and sound source feature, which lets you control the sound source for the entire network, making it the ideal system for use over networks.