PUBSET - “dancing” solution

A combination to create a dancing atmosphere


FEEL the vibes!
This set has been created to broadcast dance music in cafes, pubs or trendy fashion shops.

PUBSET system components

  • 4 x MASK8 top speakers
  • 2 x SUB2400 subwoofers
  • 1 x CHAMP-3D digital amplifier
Situ Pubset
  • The unit has a DSP and because of the fanless convection cooling it is insensitive to dust, grease or nicotine.
  • The MASK8 speakers bring crystal clear high and mid tones.
  • The SUB2400 subwoofer delivers very powerful bass tones.

System available in 2 colours:

  1. PUBSET-BL: top speakers and subwoofers in black
  2. PUBSET-W: top speakers and subwoofers in white