BARSET - “party” solution

A winning combination of sound, performance and reliability


The BARSET is the complete system for broadcasting amplified music in bars.

BARSET system components
  • 6 x MASK6T cabinet speakers (p. 139)
  • 2 x SUB2201 subwoofers (p. 146)
  • 1 x CHAMP-3D digital amplifier (p. 154)
Situ Barset
  • The 6 MASK6T top speakers and the 2 subwoofers together produce a powerful and clear sound.
  • The fully programmable digital amplifier CHAMP-3D can manage 3 broadcasting volumes thus a set system is obtained where only the sound levels can be tuned.
  • This system is the winning combination of sound, performance and reliability for bars and areas where background music is needed or to party and dance under more important sound levels.

System available in 2 colours :

BARSET-BL: top speakers and subwoofers in black

BARSET-W: top speakers and subwoofers in white