LOUNGESET - “lounge” solution

A combination to create a hushed and cosy musical atmosphere


LOUNGESET is the right choice for you, if you’re looking for a sound system to take care of rich background music with just that little bit of extra headroom for the occasional party.

LOUNGESET system components

  • 6 x MASK4T cabinet speakers (p. 140)
  • 1 x SUB2201 subwoofer (p. 146)
  • 1 x CHAMP-3D digital amplifier (p. 154)

Six MASK4T cabinet speakers take care of an optimum sound dispersion and a powerful SUB2201 adds that extra bass punch.
The versatile convection cooled CHAMP-3D amplifier completing the LOUNGESET system is fully lockable, and absolutely silent.

System available in 2 colours:

  1. LOUNGESET-BL: top speakers and subwoofer in black
  2. LOUNGESET-W: top speakers and subwoofer in white

Download synoptic :

Synoptique Loungeset FR