AMBISET - “ambience” solution

A combination for your brand and sound


AMBISET is a complete and very compact audio system used for background music.

AMBISET system components

  • 2 x MASK2 satellite top speakers
  • 1 x SUBLIME subwoofer
  • 1 x CONCEPT1 integrated amplifier
Situ Ambiset
  • The two MASK2 satellite speakers offer a combination of great looks and superb sound.
  • The SUBLIME subwoofer completes the sound with a rich, full bass.
  • Driven by the CONCEPT1, the AMBISET is the perfect set solution for small residential or commercial applications like living room, waiting room, boutique, beauty salon, travel agency, ...

System available in 2 colours:
: with black satellite speakers and subwoofer
AMBISET-W: with white satellite speakers and subwoofer