Commercial Markets

Services we provide for the government and the public services on homeland security and law enforcement such as police, fire department, city surveillance, libraries, zoos, galleries, and governmental headquarters are the best-in-class because we know how high the standard is.

Majorcom knows what the best is for our customers in governmental

vertical markets. Using the wrong surveillance and security products can bring massive impact and trouble to our customers. 

Therefore, we identify the needs of our customers, and we suggest the best for them first, and we are here to provide our customer the most suitable solution.


Commercial : Application

Picto 1 Data Protection
With sensitive documents being stored on site, protecting these documents is of the utmost importance for any commercial space.

Picto 2 Elevator Surveillance
Deter any suspicious behavior in these enclosed spaces and offer a proactive approach to safety within these spaces.

Picto 3 Break Area
During times of high activity, reduce the risk.

Picto 4 Office Area
Safeguard employee personal property, prevent theft.

Picto 5 Observation Room
Being able to monitor the day to day operations of the building and managing the operations through HIKVISION solutions.