Residential Consumer

MAJORCOM values the safety of our customers’ family and home more than our customers. We offer solutions to Residential Consumer for more secured life. As the development of the technology, the cost of home security has dropped massively, residential surveillance solutions are now more affordable for everyone.

HIKVISION’ solutions for residential consumers help them to keep an eye on their property and surroundings. Most of our cameras used in housing security are IK10 vandal-resistant cameras. With our experiences in security industry, a safer environment is secured by HIKVISION.


Résidentiel : Application


Picto 1 Personal property
Protect personal property, and items of monetary and sentimental value. Keep what is most valuable to you safe.

Picto 2 MobileFocus
MobileFocus offers a perfect possibility to monitor your home on the go. Receive alerts of any unwanted activity.

Picto 3 Infant
Ensure the safety of your children


Picto 4 Inventory surveillance and loss prevention
Keep stock safe and theft low, maintain employee procedural standards. Restricted areas can be monitored, and identify any unauthorized personal attempting to access these areas.

Picto 5 Check out till
Safeguard cash deposited into tills. Prevent theft through strategically placed cameras. Maintain the consumer experience at check out.

Picto 6 Monitoring Room
Monitor day to day business, detect suspicious individuals and if the situation requires action, investigate and react to the situation. Event notification.