MAJORCOM offer integrated surveillance solution for important educational facilities such as hospitals, universities, and day care centers. HIKVISION’ integrated surveillance solution can monitor images and detect fine movements. It has multi-access capabilities that permit real-time sharing of images with distance locations.

Educational facilities are crucial for exchanging ideas and learning and should never be compromised by issues of safety and security. HIKVISION’ solutions provide a safe environment so students, researchers, and staff can focus on what matters most – learning. MAJORCOM delivers reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs.

Education : Application

Picto 1 Main Building
With the ability to handle between 10 and 10 000 students HIKVISION education solutions offer school administrators a fine tuned control over their surveillance system.
Integrate the solution with existing or new alarm systems to extend the capabilities of exiting systems.

Picto 2 Observation Centre
The observation center offers the school campus scalable viewing capabilities through either our own software or through the use of our partner’s software solution footage, protect valuable assets through HIKVISION' integrated surveillance solutions.

Picto 3 Lecture Hall and Fields
Utilizing features such as two way audio to not only provide security but to record lectures. These recorded Lectures can then be uploaded to intranets for easy download by students for reference. Fields can be monitored during public sporting events offering students and guardians alike an additional layer of safety.

Picto 4 Parking
Utilize HIKVISION' award winning PTZ cameras to cover a wide area, program spot positions to cover high risk areas.