Infrastructure Solution

MAJORCOM offers Infrastructure solution to help the country safe and prosperity. We ensure our customers to get the technology and the infrastructure they need for the security cameras.

Having a talented team that understand the professional technology and your business practices is our main factor to implementing a successful security camera and related network infrastructure that can let you realize the benefits.

HIKVISION provide solution for infrastructure such as airports, bridges, hospitals, parks, ports, public spaces, and other infrastructures related to telecommunication, energy, and electricity.

Some advantages include remotely control of the camera, high image quality, easy integration possibilities and better scalability, and cost-effectiveness.


Infrastructure : Application

Picto 1 The Runway
Keep these restricted areas clear of unauthorized person entering the area, use a combination of everfocus Megapixel cameras to detect movement link in to EverAcces access control and existing alarm systems to maintain these restricted areas.

Picto 2 Control Centre
Investigate, search and locate lost or missing passengers. Analyze passenger flow patterns and to better improve the experience of the airport. Improve personal productivity through effective monitoring of actions and behaviors. Prevent unauthorized personal from accessing restricted areas.

Picto 3 Wailing and retail areas
Loss prevention is paramount in airports where people traffic turnover is high, maintain effective security systems to keep employees and stock safe at the same time aiding in the customer satisfaction of the airport experience.

Picto 4 Baggage Claim
Detect suspicious passengers and prevent theft. Improve people traffic flow by being able to assign additional personal to assist.

Picto 5 Check In / out counters
Integrate HIKVISION technology with facial identification technology to aid in the proactive approach to security that is integral to airport surveillance.

Picto 6 Loading Dock
Prevent unwanted loss of theft during the loading process.