Terms & conditions of Warranty



Therefore, the vendor warranties the manufactured products, except softwares,against any non-conformity of the product within the strict limit of the belowmentionedcontract guarantee terms.
The warranty only applies to delivered products. The vendor warranties thedelivered products against non-conformity to specifications that may make itunsuited to use, in compliance with the aforesaid provisions relating to eachproduct.
In any case, the warranty can not cover deterioration cases that are not directlyattributable to the normal use of the product such as shocks, mistake in handling,modifications not provided or unauthorized by the vendor, insufficientsupervision, maintenance or storage, non-observance of instructions and acknowledgedrules of technology, non-observance of environmental conditionsstorage and use, and repair made by a third person unauthorized by the vendor.
In case of a product defect, any claim shall be notified with a registered letterwith acknowledgement of receipt and sent to MAJORCOM, 56, chemin dela Flambère 31300 TOULOUSE - France within eight days as soon as thedefect was noticed.

Sound product line

Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all the products of the range areguaranteed for 24 (twenty four) months, including parts and labor in workshop(without advanced exchange) from date of delivery.
Are excluded from this warranty, parts such as CD mechanism and K7, opticalor magnetic heads, batteries, hard drives. Those will be guaranteed for6 (six)months, parts and labor workshop (without advanced exchange) from the dateof delivery.
The vendor undertakes to exchange (Standard Exchange Form) any productfrom the Voice Alarm range (standard EN 54) he recorded as defective.
The cost of the one-way transport shall be bore by the vendor (Incoterm CCI 2000:DDU - Place of destination) and the cost of the return transport shall be boreby the buyer (Incoterm CCI 2000: DDU - TOULOUSE - France).
The defective product shall be sent back to the vendor within a 60-day periodfrom the shipping date of exchange. A postponement of the return date maybe granted by the vendor upon request. Failing such a written agreement, thenon-returned product will be charged as per prices in force.
The exchange, repair, supply of parts or any other modification during theguaranteed period cannot result in a postponement of such period.

CCTV product line

Unless specifically provided for in the contract, all CCTV products are guaranteed 36 (thirty-six) months parts and labor in the workshop (without advanced exchange) from the date of delivery. Are excluded from this warranty are hard disk drives that will be guarantee 6 (six) months, parts and labor workshop (without advanced exchange) from the date of delivery.

Exclusion of liability

The vendor shall not give any guarantee regarding the legal guarantee of latent defects as well as the liability as the result of defective products as per article 1386-1 of the French Civil Code.
Under no circumstances, the vendor may be deemed liable for direct or consequential injury resulting from a fault of a product.
In any case, the vendor shall only be compelled to pay a fixed allowance equivalent to the amount of the defective product. Therefore, no other compensation may be claimed and whatever the grounds, including for loss of use.

Exclusion of liability Return of Goods

No good will be returned without written consent of the vendor. This consent shall be sent together with an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) that is mentioned on any document related to return.
Return only applies to products that have not suffered from any modification or alteration and products returned must be sent in their original packaging.
The vendor shall be held harmless in the event of any parcel loss or damage.
Should this provision not be observed, the buyer shall compensate the vendor for all resulting damages, costs and expenses.

Products will be replaced by identical or similar products.

Similar products are to be understood as substitutable products to those ordered, with the same quality and having the same operating functions.
Should the products not be replaced, the return of goods approved by the vendor will result in setting up a credit note for the customer.
Return of products will not result in settling any compensation of whatsoever nature for the customer.