The "MobileFocus by EverFocus" allows users to access all current EverFocus DVRs and IP Cameras from smart phones. The powerful and intuitive MobileFocus application offers multiple functions for you to remotely monitor multiple video streams and control PTZ cameras, providing you control over your surveillance system whenever and wherever! 

Image smartphone App EVERFOCUS

Main Features

• Digital Zoom 

Zoom in on a target, to view and confirm any potential threats.


Additional Features

• User friendly intuitive interface
• Real time viewing of all EverFocus IP cameras and DVR’s
• Multi touch control to digitally zoom into screen. (iPhone and Android only)
• Snapshots of currently displayed video
• Sequence mode to rotate through each camera inputs
• Multi-touch control for PTZ cameras (iPhone and Android only)
• Slide across screen to change viewing direction of camera
• Quick access to preset positions, tours, patterns, and auto panning
• Multi-touch zoom in and out


MobileFocus | MobileFocus Plus | MobileFocus HD | MobileFocus HD Plus 

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