HD-SDI Surveillance Solution

Currently viewing and recording HD images has been the trend of surveillance industry. While IP based video surveillance systems is the majority now, there will always be cases where the analog based solution are needed.


HD-SDI is a digital interface that delivers HDTV signals without any compression artifacts or transmission-related delays.

HD-SDI fits the cost-effective system architecture that has proven so useful for conventional CCTV systems. In other words, HD-SDI unlocks HD for CCTV customers. 

EverFocus make cutting-edge, true Plug-and-Play, full high definition resolution recording over coaxial cable HD-SDI solution available for users. With HD-SDI Surveillance Solution, installers no longer need to extend a local-site IP LAN all the way to every HD camera mount in order to deliver the benefits of HD video. HD-SDI cameras works well with most existing coaxial cables, making it possible to easily upgrade some CCTV cameras, one by one, to Digital HD surveillance without any fuss. Meanwhile, by sending the video signal with no compression and without delay, HD-SDI cameras usually deliver better live views than the MP IP camera alternatives. These advantages make HD-SDI cameras worth considering also for applications that blend local-site security operations with remote, IP-network-connected security management. 


EverFocus HD-SDI can detect minor movements, unidentified, unusual behavior, fire or any abnormal activities. With user-friendly EverFocus HD-SDI systems, and existing coaxial infrastructure is all that is needed to upgrade to an innovative high-definition solution. Therefore, HDcctw surveillance solution is widely used in different vertical markets such as airports, ports, banks, casinos and retail stores. 

HD-SDI Application

Features & Benefits

HD-SDI Features & Benefits

Unparalleled Resolution

EverFocus HD-SDI Surveillance Solution provides more than 6 times the resolution of traditional SD DVRs, recording high-quality, high definition images. HD-SDI cameras give the best live views, because no compression is required for transmission and there is no IP LAN in between the camera and a monitor on the local site. 

HD-SDI Zero latency

Zero Latency

The HD-SDI video feed travels on its own line with no compression and produces no latency (time delay). In live video mode, HD-SDI is smoother than analog and IP, with no skipping or image distortion. 

HD-SDI Easy Installation

Easy Installation

With an HD-SDI DVR, you don't need a networking or IT background in order to install the system. It features plug-and-play connectivity that's as easy to set up as standard analog CCTV systems. 

HD-SDI Easy to Use

Easy to Use

With an HD-SDI Surveillance Solution, the user interface is the same for the operator or installer as a CCTV interface, so no additional training is necessary to operate the system.