Mobile Surveillance Solution

Safety First

In the business of transport, fleet management and other mobile applications, precaution is always better than cure. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive actions.

Imagine―the moment you step out of your home in the morning, surrounded by all types of vehicles on the street. You first wish your kids a good day at school as you watch them get on the school bus. Then you make your way to the garage or the bus stop a few blocks down.
Either in a car or a cab, you look out of your window and see a police car side by side.
Either on a bus or a metro train, you take a look around and see the face of every other passenger on the same vehicle as you are.

From one city to the next, one country to another, large numbers of people are constantly being transported at various frequencies.


Everyone’s safety is at stake

In the business of transport, fleet management and other mobile applications, precaution is always better than cure. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive actions. With EverFocus Mobile Surveillance Solution, every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday. At EverFocus, safety first means safety always.

Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

Other than safety, loss prevention, asset protection, incident management, risk reduction and access to clear evidence―today’s industry professionals face many challenges. Security threats, such as employee theft, shoplifting and organized crimes, are continually evolving. No organization can afford to overlook a surveillance system in place, which needs to be reliably robust and high performing. EverFocus is your best solution partner here.

Regardless of what industries you are from―automotive, health care, high tech, industrial manufacturing, retail; what businesses you need surveillance solutions for―courier, post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, EverFocus will help protect critical infrastructure, prevent asset loss and drive your organization’s growth.


The Versatile, high-performing EverFocus EMV Mobile DVR series, takes your on-board monitoring and surveillance to the next level. With 3G/GPRS/WiFi connectivity, each EverFocus mobile DVR/NVR allows remote monitoring, playback and archival of recorded footage. The integrated GPS functions provide speed and location tracking to the second,allowing centralized control rooms and management personnel to maintain driver accountability and situational awareness.

Everfocus EMV Series is built to withstand the tests of mobile environments,with rugged construction and wide temperature and voltage tolerances. Each EMV DVR/NVR also successfully meets or exceeds rigorous industry standards on shock and vibration resistance. It is designed to withstand the severe levels of shock and vibration found under the harshest mobile conditions, while preserving
valuable video data.

When combined with the Everfocus’ highly advanced central management software (CMS), PowerVideo Plus, users have access to simultaneous management and monitoring of not only the EMV series, but all of EverFocus’ DVR, Mobile DVR, NVR and IP Video products. In addition to this powerful monitoring solution, the EMV series also provides a comprehensive web-interface that allows effortless configuration and monitoring. Our MobileFocus application, available via free on both iOS and Android platforms, enables any user to access footage and perform checks while on the go.

Everfocus makes mobile surveillance easy for you―anytime,anywhere.

Mobile Application

Features & Benefits

IP Mobile Features & Benefits

Special Graphical User Interface design for use with mobile small-sized monitors.

EverFocus Mobile Surveillance solutions support the web-based interface or on-screen-display menu that makes the operation and configuration of the system so easy.

Mobile Molex connectors for shock & vibration resistance; interface cables to BNC & RCA

Molex connectors for shock & vibration resistance; interface cables to BNC & RCA

The vibration and shock caused by moving vehicle is severe and can make many devices out of function. With the extraordinary anti-vibration design, EverFocus Mobile DVR works well under server shock and vibration conditions.

Embedded 3-Axis G-Sensor Function

Embedded 3-axis g-sensor function with separate programmable alarm levels for X/Y and Z axis

EverFocus built-in 3-axis g-sensor will record and can judge drivers’ behavior when works with programmable alarm levels for XYZ axis. When working with other programs, it will trigger an alarm signal for unusual change of XYZ axis. No matter it’s right and left, up and down, before and after changed during acceleration, it can still record during driving.

Mobile GPS function

GPS Function

EverFocus mobile solution supports GPS function for vehicle to track speed and the change of location. When a driver is driving too fast or when a driver is not within the location fence GPS function can track and send out alarms. Google map, driving route, can be recorded together with video and audio. Therefore, if an armor cash carrier or a logistic truck is driving in a different route, the GPS function serves as an out of range monitor.

Mobile EN-50155, E-Mark

EN-50155, E-Mark 

EverFocus mobile solution is specially designed to meet EN50155, the onboard standard for electronic equipment, which encompasses not just EMC requirements but also shock, vibration, extended temperature range, humidity, and power supply variations. It can endure harsh on-board environments found on buses, cars, and trains.