INTER-M : Animation deck for PX-8000

ref. LM-8000

• Local anim­a­tion deck with audio In
• For use with PX-8000
• Conveni­ent install­a­tion and construc­tion without need of ID setting
• Remote volume control and selec­tion of BGM
• Independ­ent local MIC and BGM broad­cast­ing
• Jut out mount­ing, clas­sic elec­tric enclos­ure
• RS-422 Commu­nic­a­tion for long distance
• Dimen­sions (WxHxD): 70 × 114 × 52mm
• Embed­ding dimen­sions: 50 × 70mm
• Weight: 130g

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