In an emergency such as a fire, an earthquake or a terrorist threat, the priority is to save people’s lives and therefore receiving the right alert messages at the right moment is vital.

Most emergency systems that are used nowadays in many facilities are based on alarm sounds or flashing lights that do not provide an effective warning to evacuate the building quickly and effectively. Valuable seconds are lost until people react because at first, they may believe that it is an emergency drill, that the alarm bells are ringing because of a failure, or simply because they just feel confused in the absence of clear indications.

Why choose a voice alarm system for evacuation?

People react more quickly and calmly when they hear a voice instead of a bell, and with a voice alarm system for evacuation we can:

  • Alert about the type of emergency raising awareness about the situation to produce a quick reaction
  • Perform a phased evacuation, according to the evacuation plan of each building
  • Indicate the fastest and safest way to the exit
  • Reduce risks such as bottlenecks that could be fatal

What is the EN 54 standard? Is it mandatory?

The EN 54 is a European standard for Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems. It is mandatory throughout the EU and is increasingly being adopted all around the world.

Specifically, the EN 54-16 defines the requirements for Voice Alarm Control and Fire Detection Equipment, the EN 54-24 is applicable to Voice Alarm loudspeakers, and the EN54-4 is for Power Supply Equipment.

In some countries, the Building Technical Code requires the installation of a Voice Alarm system that fulfills the EN 54-16 requirements in any hospitals and public building if the capacity exceeds 300 people.


EN 54 Voice Alarm Systems EXEO, EXEONE, EVAMATRIX

At MAJORCOM we are experts in the implementation of the EN 54 standard and our solutions have been successfully installed throughout the world.
Our Voice Alarm Systems for Evacuation EXEO EN 54-16 certified, EXEONE EN 54-16 & EN 54-4 certified and EVAMATRIX EN 54-16 certified are specifically designed to meet and exceed this standard’s requirements, ensuring an outstanding performance in the most demanding situations. Their versatility also makes them powerful and affordable PA and BGM systems for all facilities regardless of their size.

For more information about the EN 54 standard, EXEO, EXEONE, EVAMATRIX Voice Alarm Systems, or any other MAJORCOM solution, contact us at:



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