How can this type of application be used with sound ?

Schools, colleges and universities can be equipped with sound systems for different reasons:

  • Sounding the school bell between classes using an NTP time server for time synchronization.
  • Safety announcement broadcasting *SSP (School Security Plan) – PPI (Particular Plan of Intervention) – IOP (Internal Organization Plan)
  • Transmission of COVID-related health information.
  • Microphone announcements for general information and person search.
  • Music broadcasting in the halls.
  • Wireless entertainment for sports halls.
  • Zone management through a digital audio matrix.

Our systems are designed for installation in both centralized and decentralized (multi-location) architectures. Our system offers a variety of features and benefits while remaining connected and versatile.

School audio system

Synoptique application commerce - Majorcom

School audio system – full audio over IP based

Synoptique application commerce - Majorcom


  • IP remote microphone for your announcements and information broadcasting as well as paging people.
  • Safety & sanitary information and message player.
  • IP panel for triggering safety and health announcement.
  • Stay alert with the SMS/Mail module to be warned in case of PPMS/PPI/IOP risk.
  • Make your announcements with the help of a wireless microphone.
  • Broadcast your telephone announcement through the MOD TEL module.
  • Play your music and background content with a multi-source player (USB/Web Radio/Bluetooth/Spotify Connect).
  • The system is fully connected and offers a variety of control points (graphical and interactive interface, total control through a web browser, PC, Mac, tablet).
  • The system is powered by a backup to compensate for any electrical anomaly by automatically switching to an emergency power supply that uses batteries.

Please feel free to contact our engineering department for your own installation

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MAJORCOM places customer service at the heart of its business model thanks to its dedicated business team. Our systems are custom-designed by our engineering department which is staffed with acousticians and electronic engineers, with the expert support of our R&D department, and an after-sales department with highly involved support functions.

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