30W amps-preamps with low imped­ance and 100V line outputs.

ref. MX 30

• Two powers are avail­able for this compact device: 30W and 60W with low imped­ance and 100V line outputs.
• They are fitted with a prior­ity balanced micro­phone input that can be remote controlled with dry contact, an unbal­anced micro­phone input, an AUX input and a CD input.
• A 3-band equal­izer provides a perfect equal­iz­a­tion of the tone.
• 220V power supply.

Bandwidth (Hz) 100 - 20000
Chime No
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 270x90x260
Equalizer +/-10dB - 150Hz / 1KHz / 6KHz
Input 1 and 2 MIC - 3 AUX/CD
Output impedance 70V/166Ω - 100V/333Ω
Output level / impedance MUSIC ON HOLD
Power 30W
Power source 220/240VAC - 50/60Hz
Priority MIC 1
Signal / Noise > 60dB
THD < 2,5%
Weight (Kg) 4,25
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