Active portable speaker 15“ - 80W

ref. COMBO-1580

• Combo-1580 is a compact complete sound system with a power of 80W
• It is the perfect companion for all your commercial and sport animations
• Embedding a recharging battery with multiple sources and a 5 bands equalizer
• Including a handset HF microphone (compliant with French standard), an USB/SD card reader, an AM/FM tuner, a priority microphone input and a line input all controllable via its provided remote control
• It can work on internal battery main power supply as well on 12VDC external supply.


• 2 way speaker 15’’
• ABS enclosure, metallic grill
• Work on battery or 220/240V 50Hz supply
• Battery 2x12V – 5.5Ah provided
• Automatic
• Colour LCD display with recording function
• MP3 USB/SD reader
• FM tuner
• Remote control
• 1 handset HF microphone
• 1 microphone Jack 6.35mm input
• 1 guitar input
• 1 Stereo line input
• 1 AUX input
• Adjustable level for each input, Master volume, 5 bands equalizer
• 1 12VDC supply input
• Priority microphone input selectable
• Telescopic handle and castors for easy transport

Bandwidth 55Hz - 20kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 x 740 x 440mm
HF Handset VHF microphone 1775.5MHz
Output Line (for recording)
Power 80W
Power source 5.5Ah internal battery – 12VDC external / 220V ACV external
Sources Media reader (USB/SD/TUNER)
THD < 1%
Weight (Kg) 20
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