2-way horn speaker - 3.75/7.5/15/30W

ref. CS-5HTBS.

• Equipped with a 2-way system making it ideal for high-qual­ity repro­duc­tion of voice and music, controlled-directiv­ity acous­tical horn and two trans­ducers (for low and high frequen­cies), this unique rect­an­gu­lar long-range enclos­ures produces amaz­ing pure sound.
• The horn is water­proof and can be used in high-humid­ity envir­on­ments. It is there­fore suit­able for outdoor use such as sports fields, stadi­ums, theme parks, exhib­i­tion halls and trans­port­a­tion stations, as well as for applic­a­tions used in P.A and evac­u­ation systems.

100V line power / Impedance 3,75/7,5/15/30 W
Bandwidth (Hz) 120 - 20000
Cone (material) Polypropylene
Corps grill (material) ABS fireproof
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 315 x 215 x 355
Directivity @ 1 KHz 60° H x 100° V
Nominal power RMS 30W
Operating temperature (°C) -25°C to + 70°C
Protection rating IP 66
Sensitivity dB (1W/1m) 96
Speaker 5" 2 way
Standard EN 54-24 (type B)
Weight (Kg) 4.65
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