Portable induction loop system for desk

ref. LA-90
  • Portable induction loop LA-90 is intendedfor people with hearing loss. It is ready to use right away: at the hotel reception desk, an information counter or when you’re out shopping. In short: anywhere where it’s important for you to hear what is being said.
  • Instalation is quick and easy, you have to put the device between you and the pared person who set his protheses on "T" or "MT" position.
  • For no pared person, it is possible to use the stethoscopic receiver LPU-1.
  • To pick up external sound, the LA-90 is equipped with an integrated microphone as well as a connection jack for an external microphone.

  • External microphone level can be adjustable by a knob.

  • A 3.5mm Jack allow you to connect headphones.

  • For stationary use, the device can be screwed to the countertop, wall or locked by a KensingtonTM lock.

  • Compatible : Hearing Aids - Cochlear Implants - induction receiver
  • Suitable for public places (desk, point of sale, home, office ...)
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable insert
  • EN 60118-4 compliant
Provided accessories

Battery - power supply - 3 inserts (blue, bordeau, yelow) - 4 crossed ear stickers - 1 template

Autonomy 6 h on battery
Colour silver-metallic
Control 3 position : internal mic / external mic / both mic
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 185 x 200 x 70
Input Output Jack 3.5mm MIC input with adjustable level; Jack 3.5mm headphones output with adjustable level
Integreted microphone SPL max 60 dB
Magnetic field distance 1 m
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC 50 - 60 Hz / 16 V DC ou sur batterie intégré 12 V
Weight 635 g (with battery)
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